Tilter door carport conversion...just commenced

This was a carport conversion we did a few years ago, you can see how the carport was transformed into a garage by adding a door and a facade. This dramatically improved the security of those items we all store outside such as mowers, edgers and of course the car.

showcase b4 one

Tilter door carport conversion...after

The sun was so bright this day the detail is somewhat lost in the glare. You can see how it changes the front of the house so dramatically.

The door is a horizontal rib, colourbond steel tilter door in the ever popular classic cream colour. It has no lock in the front of it because it has an automatic operator and therefore has no need for a lock leaving the face of the door much cleaner looking and more secure.

Painted timber Tilter doors

These tilter doors are painted and have a decorative pattern that is only available on timber tilter doors. These doors are timber clad on a galvanised steel frame.

tilter-doors-web-shot (1)

Cedar Tilter Doors

The fantastic look of genuine Cedar with the strength of being fitted to a galvanised steel frame.

Stained timber tilts 3 - Copy (1)

Custom made sectional doors

The customer wanted a Mini-Orb clad, insulated sectional doors in galvanised finish to match his architect designed contemporary home, we obliged with the only doors of their kind in existence.


Industrial Sectional doors

We have manufactured doors to suit many unusual situations, the doors shown are in a coolroom that runs at a constant 3 degrees celsius and are opened 20 times a day. The door size is 4 metres tall and 2.8 metres wide, they weigh 150 kgs each.

Torsion drive sectional doors two

More to come

We'll add more transformations as we do them and get better pictures to post here.Here we've fitted an aluminium shutter between tool boxes on a work ute. The shutter is lockable and protects your tools from prying eys and the less honest amongst us.


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