We've seen many rival door companies enter and leave the local market since 1977. A common theme amongst them is that they don't advertise an address on their quotes, business cards, or in their advertising. This has always set off alarm bells with me, how is a customer supposed to track down a supplier who is not returning a phone call? They can't go to a post office box number and expect to see someone in person if they've got a problem or are not satisfied with the company's work. We use and recommend the top brands in the business such as B&D Doors and Merlin Auto operators and are quite prepared to name them. Have you ever wondered why some rivals simply say things like "we use the country's top brands" but don't name them? Are they not proud of the products they sell.

We've been in Penrith since 1977 and have been in Peachtree Road since 1982, you can find us, we've got nothing to hide.

I strongly suggest that even if you chose to do business with another garage door company you should be wary of any company that doesn't have an address on their literature.

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